A texture atlas is a container for smaller images, usually used to reduce the number of network requests and improve performance on WebGL.

Creating texture atlases

To create texture atlas you can use TexturePacker tool.


By TexturePacker does not include Black exporter and you have to install it manually.

To install exporter copy all files from https://github.com/MassiveHeights/Black/tree/master/TexturePacker/black to Windows %ProgramFiles%/CodeAndWeb/TexturePacker/bin/exporters/black Mac Applications/TexturePacker.app/Contents/Resources/exporters Then restart TexturePacker and select 'Black' as a data format.

How to use

To load an atlas:

assets.enqueueAtlas('atlas', 'atlas.png', 'atlas.json');

To create a sprite:

let sprite = new Sprite('image-name');

where image-name is a file name of the image inside atlas without extension.

To learn more about supported formats please refer to TexturePacker site.